The Complete Transportation Hub

The Hub consists of 4 major components, as listed below. Essentially, our goal is to provide our clients with 100% of their transportation needs, coupled with exceptional service and long-term savings.


General Steel Freight

We will transport all regular steel freight using our fleet of 2, 3, 4, and 5 axles flatbed trailers

Specialized, Oversized, & Float

No matter the dimensions or requirements of your load, we do the leg work assuring that in reaches its destination on time.

Trailer System

Our trailer system offers far more leeway than those of our competitors. We offer substantially longer holding and storage periods for trailers at no cost to our clients, and after that period is up, our rates are the lowest in Ontario.


The Hub ensures that our clients do the absolute minimum when it comes to arranging and planning transportation. Allowing you to focus on issues knowing that we have everything under control. You tell us where and where, and we handle the rest.