MacMillan is a local, family owned transport company operating out of Erin, ON. For the past 30 years our staff has been servicing the steel industry of Canada, and has amassed a great deal of expertise in the area. Currently we operate 6 power units with 35 trailers, and we are now beginning to branch out into other areas of transportation. We look forward to expanding our team and fleet to accommodate this change.

We are passionate about what we do, and are very proud of what we have created. 

Mission Statement:

To provide the best transportation service in our industry, personalized to our clients, in a safe reliable manner, to encourage and foster a family friendly working environment for our staff and to promote an image of integrity and reliability within the industry.


Through our subsidiary and in-house Freight Brokerage Durham East Transportation, we offer extended services and international transportation.


Our Team

Our Management Team consists of four key members


Andrew MacMillan 


Andrew has worked in this industry for 8 years. He directly manages our repair and maintenance facility, and further collaborates with the management team, towards a successful service for our clients.


Sarah Macmillan 

vice president of administration

Sarah leads the office team and ensures everything behind the scenes functions smoothly. She currently is enrolled in business school, and has worked in transportation for 5 years.


vince macmillan 


                                            Business owner from 1986 – 2014 Vince has been in this industry almost his entire working life. Vince handles the day to day management of the company.